Executive Staff


Executive Director

Grant Dewey | museum.manager@wmmi.org

Grant’s background and experience includes expertise as a residential property manager and HOA board president, serving as a diplomatic leader with demonstrated ability to balance human resources, project timelines, mechanical technology and budget requirements.

His unique background and professional credentials also position him as an internationally experienced engineer in technical training and production management who is adaptable to a wide range of cultures, corporate functions, and educational models.

Grant’s primary roles as Executive Director include designing, developing and implementing strategic plans for the organization in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. Additionally, he oversees the day-to-day operations of WMMI, which includes managing our committees and executive staff as well as developing business plans in collaboration with the board.



Dr. Richard Sauers, PhD | rsauers@wmmi.org

A native of Lewisburg, PA, Richard A. Sauers received his B.A. of History from Susquehanna University, and both his M.A. and Ph.D. in history from The Pennsylvania State University.

Sauers is the author of more than two dozen books, including A Caspian Sea of Ink: The Meade-Sickles Controversy (1989), the highly-acclaimed two-volume Advance the Colors! Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags (1987-1991), A Succession of Honorable Victories: The Burnside Expedition in North Carolina (1996), Meade: Victor of Gettysburg (2004), America's Battlegrounds (2005),The Fishing Creek Confederacy: A Story of Civil War Draft Resistance (2013), and his latest, a 3-volume guide-index to Civil War material in the National Tribune newspaper (1877-1943).

Current research projects include a detailed study of the Cripple Creek Mining District and ongoing work on his hometown. Sauers has been in the public history arena since 1984, serving currently as Curator of the Western Museum of Mining & Industry in Colorado Springs.


Historical Interpreter & Gift Shop Manager

Christine Nestlerode | giftshop@wmmi.org

Christine has been with the museum well over 15 years. Her day-to-day responsibilities include operating the gift shop, coordinating group tours and field trip requests, giving in-depth, educational tours for our members and guests, spearheading our large-scale signature events and fundraisers, and running the front desk.

Her leadership, knowledge and expertise make her the perfect instructor for conducting our educational in-reach programs including: Mineral Identification, Pikes Peak Regional History, Cookie Mining, and Simple Machines.

Additionally, Christine serves as a liaison by leading and conducting offsite events and learning activities that help boost interest and awareness about WMMI, its mission, and its philosophy.

Jamie L Martinez.jpg

Marketing & communications coordinator

Jamie Briem-Martinez | info@wmmi.org

Prior to joining WMMI in August 2018, Jamie served 10 consecutive years at a local award-winning marketing and advertising agency. Her education and experience include a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with Strategic Marketing Emphasis alongside 10+ years experience in: media buying, campaign planning and management, copy-writing, broadcast promotion, partnership development, public relations, social media strategy, franchise marketing, non-profit marketing, brand strategy, and demographic research methods.

Jamie enthusiastically serves WMMI by strategizing and overseeing all marketing and public relations initiatives in an effort to optimize the museum’s influence and reach within the local and statewide communities.


grounds & Maintenance Lead

Andrew Davis | adavis.wmmi@gmail.com

Andrew joined the WMMI team in 2018 and currently serves as the museum’s Grounds and Maintenance Lead, ensuring the optimal care and maintenance of our museum and its beautiful, historic property.

In addition, Andrew assists at the front desk, helps with machinery demonstrations, leads several of our educational in-reach programs, acts as a liaison during offsite events, assists with needs pertaining to audiovisual and sound technology for our educational lectures, and helps with guided tours through our main hall.

Andrew is currently pursuing his degree in filmography at University of Colorado and intends to put his education to work for WMMI with development of new education-based videos and content designed to expand knowledge about the museum, its history, and the impact of mining and industry in Colorado.


Membership development coordinator

Even though he was born a stone's throw from the 'River of Lost Souls' in Durango, CO, Don Unger is a far cry from lost when he's in the Rocky Mountain West. Graduating from Fort Lewis College with a BA in US History in 2011, Don recently pursued an MA with focus on mining history in various regions and eras across the world. From mining in ancient Iberia under the Roman Republic, the Civil War, to Cripple Creek historiographical analysis and reclamation history on the Navajo Reservation: Don is a committed researcher using interdisciplinary approaches to uncover our past.

While a student in the UCCS MA program Don learned how to teach and to work in Academia; he worked as a TA, a student coordinator, and as a writing fellow in various departments. After getting his MA in History, Don became an instructor at UCCS in the Department of Humanities and he is regular participant at conferences and in panels across the Country.

Recently, Don presented his research on reclamation on the Navajo Reservation at the Rocky Mountain Council of Latin American Studies, and will be presenting his recent research into ancient Israeli numismatics in October at the European Studies Conference in Omaha, NE. Don’s article “We trace out all the veins of the earth’: Iberian Mining, Labor, and the Industrial Foundation of the Roman Empire: An Interdisciplinary Approach” was published in The Springs Online Graduate History Journal in Fall of 2019.

Locally, Don has presented his work as a public history speaker across the Front Range and even once at WMMI!

Don first came to WMMI as a student intern and he stayed as a volunteer because of the meaningful experiences he has every time he steps onto the old Reynolds Homestead. Looking ahead, Don wants to bring attention to our rich past by sharing WMMI's existing community commitment. After all, the WMMI's members and volunteer community is what really keeps the lights on and at the end of the day this is what preserves our past for those yet to learn its wisdom.


Board of Trustees

  • Board President: Woodward Brown - Co-Founder of Tavatek

  • Board Vice-President: Dr. Randall K. Liefer - Educator with TSTI, Inc. and founding partner of eSi, Inc.

  • Board Treasurer: Doug Hering - Principal Consultant with Smarter Directions, LLC 

  • Board Secretary: Steven W. Veatch - Director and owner of Veatch GeoScience, LLC

  • Timothy J. Priebe, board member - Colorado business and real estate law attorney

  • Cindi Ryan, board member - Retired Colonel / Judge Advocate with U.S. Air Force, current member of Questers, TriLakes Women's Club Grant Committee Chair

  • William Sanden, CPA


The Board of Trustees of the Western Museum of Mining & Industry is seeking qualified applicants  to fill vacancies on the Museum Board! 

The Western Museum of Mining & Industry is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization whose mission is to educate the public about the heritage and continuing importance of the mining industry in the American West. Located at the north edge of Colorado Springs, the museum has been open since 1970 and is a fully-accredited member of the American Alliance of Museums. In 2015, the museum saw visitors from all 50 states and 45 countries, as well as class visits from over 5,000 Colorado school children. In addition to guided tours, the museum offers two changing exhibits and associated lectures each year, a functional stamp mill (one of only 13 such mills in the United States) and blacksmith shop, and events such as the Anniversary Expo (July) and the Reynolds Ranch Harvest Festival (October).

To apply for a Board position, send an e-mail with the following information to the museum’s manager, Mr. Grant Dewey at museum.manager@wmmi.org.

Please include:

1. Cover letter stating why you would like to be a museum trustee and what you can offer the board and museum to achieve success and growth.
2. Resume
3. Brief biography