Christmas Tree Recycling

Date: 07-Jan-2018
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Christmas Tree Recycling with WMMI and Boy Scout Troop 78!

When all of the festivities of Christmas die down, and you’ve packed away the decorations for another year, you still have to deal with the Christmas tree. What are you going to do with the tree now that the holidays are over? You can’t simply put it out by the curb, and you can’t throw it away in a garbage bin.

Millions of trees become Christmas trees each year, and if they were all to go into the landfill, there would be a huge problem. By recycling, you can make sure that the tree is disposed of properly and used rather than just rotting in a landfill. It’s an environmentally sound decision to recycle your trees, and it’s easy with all of the programs available.

Boy Scout Troop 78 has partnered with WMMI to provide you with a convenient way to recycle your Christmas tree right in your neighborhood!

All trees will be mulched to help with erosion control at the USAFA B-52 Scout campsite. Donations are accepted.

Just bring your tree to WMMI on one of the following dates between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

  • Saturday December 30th
  • Sunday December 31st
  • Monday January 1st (between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm)
  • Saturday January 6th
  • Sunday January 7th