Mine Safety and Health Exhibit Heritage Lecture II

Date: 07-Nov-2013
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Heritage Lecture II: Lost Miner! A Brief History of Mine Safety and Rescue with Jeff Hart

“The men, if they were alive, might be anywhere.”

In August of 2010 part of the 121-year-old San Jose gold and copper mine, in the Atacama Desert of Chile, collapsed trapping thirty-three miners underground for sixty-nine days. 

In order to attempt their rescue, a team of experts from the NASA and the Chilean Navy designed and built three 54-centimetre-wide (1.7ft) and 3.9-metre-long (12.7ft) capsules, dubbed the Fenix (or Phoenix) I, II, and III. These capsules included state of the art features like an oxygen supply, a special lighting system, an escape hatch, a safety harness device, and an audio/video communication system. 

The pod that eventually reached the men, the Phoenix II, was sent down through a tunnel 700 meters (2,300ft) to the trapped hard-rock miners below. After a harrowing journey of over half an hour, the miners were successfully, and without incident, brought back to the surface and their waiting families by the ingenuity of modern mine rescue technology. 

Don't miss your chance to hear American Drilling Expert and Team Leader, Jeff Hart, discuss the challenges and rewards of his month long struggle to drill the rescue shaft that saved 33 miners in Chile! 

This exhibit and lecture will feature the museum’s internationally unique Chilean miner rescue pod, in addition to other significant artifacts from our mining collection for you to enjoy. 
The Chilean Pod is a full scale replica (12.7 feet tall and weighing 1800 lbs) of the Fenix (or Phoenix) II capsule, and has become an iconic symbol of the dramatic 2010 rescue that saved 33 Chilean miners who were trapped 2300 feet underground – as the world watched and worried. 

Reception opens at 6:00 pm and Lecture begins at 7:00 pm!

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“When a mine caves in, the air inside the mine explodes- like a piston- through the tunnels, generating winds so that they plaster a working man to the far wall…” “You have very little time to react. You can’t do much.” Miguel Fort (Chilean miner)

This event is sponsored in part by The Garden Center at Flying Horse and KRCC Public Radio.